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holi triple thunder paint
Holi thunder paint

Color Powder Cylinder (Triple Jet)

  • An unique machine that through’s Triple out gulal from its 3 nozzles.
  • From it high pressure technology’s it create an outburst of colour powder cloud.
  • Adding from and karizma to any event

Note: Suitable for outdoor events only. You can make your country flag using the Powder or use it in gender reveal.

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Heighten the joy of the Events and night parties this year with the Color Powder Cylinder gadget by Tota holi colors!!!

Combined with jet spray technology and innumerable color varieties, this mind-blowing gadget aims at transforming that BORING events and parties into a memorable eve.

Simply, pull off the lever and get the entire surrounding colored in some immersive hues on Holi. This season, no more running behind friends, drop them into colors standing far with this jet spray color launcher.

The gadget utilizes pressure to throw colors for as long as they are inside, ensuring the targeted friend who might have been escaping from you before, is not spared on this HOLI. The equipment has a total of 3 nozzles the colors come through that encourage the complete utilization of colors available inside.

With a sturdy body and smooth mechanism, Tota Triple Jet Spray is all set to elevate the joy of the Holi celebration. So this Holi, grab this product into your hands and get into action to surprise everyone including your family and friends.

Please Note:  Since the gadget utilizes gas pressure, it is recommended to read the instruction manual carefully to access most of the benefits of Color Powder Cylinder by Tota holi colors. Turn off the cylinder as you end up throwing colors on your folks.


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