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tota popper
tota popper

Hand Cannon Popper (Gulal Popper)

Gulal Popper are widely used during event. This Popper are not fireworks and works on unique preumatic technology. Having a wide assortment of color, These are perfect to add fun and craze in any event.

Weight – 30cm, 50cm

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Come on! Let’s enjoy that Diwali Wali feels on this Holi! 

The festival of colours is shouting out loud to gear up and kick start a great adventure with some interesting gadgets that are about to upgrade the HOLI culture. 

Purchase this party popper by Tota Colors, exclusively designed to add more fun to the HOLI bash with family and friends. The product is a wonderful tool to get everyone under one roof on this auspicious occasion. 

If you want to do something fancy, something revolutionary on this HOLI, which is unlike the traditional Gulal attacks. Of course, then you should grab this product right away. 

The colour shooter pre-equips Gulal combined with a shooting system that releases colours dramatically in the environment when used. 

Simply twirl the handle and shoot Gulal freely in the air. The tool gives you a DIWALI-like feel through its sound and a party-like experience through its overall design or attributes of a Party Popper. 

However, besides Holi, you can use the product for marriage, functions, events, color run, night parties and gender reveals. But precautions are advised, as it carries real Gulal colours. 

Please note: The product must be used in an open environment and should be kept away from the face to avoid injury or harm.

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30cm, 50cm


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