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tota mini thunder
tota mini thunder

Mini Color Blaster (Mini Thunder)

  • Mini Thunder- is pressured can with gulal filled inside it.
  • By Pressing the nozzle an immediate outburst of gulal (colour powder) is created.
  • A very hands packing that us is suitable to be carried in pocket by individual.

Note: This product is meant to be used in 1 shot only

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Why sprinkle when you can shower a blast of colours on Holi? TOTA COLOUR brings you a revolutionary product which will change your style of using Gulal Color Powder on Holi.

As you can see in the video, the product will add more playfulness and enjoyment to all those activities meant to be performed intentionally on HOLI. 

Simply carry this compact-size bottle along with you, push the lever and let the nozzle sprinkle those wonderful colours all around on the go. Believe us; it will never disappoint you. 

Holi is a festival of colours, and this masterpiece has become the epitome of the celebration from now. The item has been named a natural and herbal thunder because it equips only natural colours. 

Whether you are carrying out a fun contest on Holi or you just want to use this interesting thing on friends, the gadget is meant to fulfil your every childish desire on HOLI!

So why keep yourself too far from the product? Grab it today!!!

Please note: The product is designed for one-time use so make sure you empty the entire cylinder in one round and don’t keep or store it for long after the first try.


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