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Tota Color Powder squeeze bottle

HAVE THE FUN OF SQUEEZE: Specially Designed for your ease of use. It comes in a handy packing and Made from supers soft material to ensure your comfort and fast release of powder.
Easy to Clean. It leaves not stain on clothes after wash. You will get 4 Squeezers, each in a unique vibrant color. Use it anywhere!! Perfect for Colour runs, youth color figths, Holi events, Photo Shoots, Parties, festivals, celebrations and more. You will always want a pack to add more fun to the party.

  • Enjoy Holi Colors are EN 71-3 and EN 71-2 certified.
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Have you tried this new style of playing with Gulal on Holi? Nope! Well, it’s time to do that. 

The colour blaster has been designed using a squeeze formula that enables users to cover their target with lots of colours in a single action. Simply hoard up your power, and squeeze the bottle tightly from the body to let the colour release and reach as far as it moves. 

Trust the process and be amused by the colour blaster on the go. The bottle is pre-loaded with playful Holi colours (Gulal) and some air to ensure it is all set to get squeezed and be used by you and your partner on Holi. Until the narrow nozzle is available there, you can shoot a stream of colours.  

The compact design makes the product affordable and meets every customer’s budget on Holi. So make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing celebration opportunity built by this colour blaster for HOLI. 

Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, or Green, get the product stuffed with almost any colour Gulal that you believe would be the best fit for your Holi plan. 

Please Note: Since no gas or electronic instruments have been used in the product, it is 100% safe to use on HOLI. However, it is advised not to use the product directly in someone’s eyes. 


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