tota gulal gun

Color Powder Gun (Gulal Gun)

Gulal Gun is unique development that use’s dry technology gulal color powder can be filled in side the gun and can be thrown out with each shots. This guns’s create colour powder cloud near the person it is used.

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So what are you up to? HOLI is here, make a plan and leave no person untouched from your attack with this Tota Gulal Gun. The festival of colours gives you an excuse to invest in this product that fetches a good amount of fun for everyone in your family and friends circle. 

Simply inject Gulal inside, hold the gun and set the target and pump it up to shoot and give them a bath of Gulal rang. 

The innovative product for Holi brings you countless opportunities to play with your friend and have a good amount of fun. So make sure you aren’t buying just a single piece but many. 

After all, the product extends the level of joy and enthusiasm when more people are engaged in the team with the Gulal gun at hand on the auspicious celebration.  

TOTA GULAL GUN AK47 is made using premium quality plastic and has been smartly designed to facilitate ease of functioning. This unique GULAL PICHKARI makes your Holi celebration more than just fantastic. 

A single push and the Gulal-filled gun is ready to give them a colourful shower. The product is designed for long-lasting performance with no electronic system, no gas or additional attachment. 


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