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Indian culture is not just restricted to India alone, rather it has spread to Vietnam and Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam celebrates Holi with fun and fervor every year. This significantly lifts the demand for Holi color and Tota Color, which is a renowned Holi Color Exporter  in  Vietnam has been fulfilling this for the past 20 years. Tota Colors provide a wide range of Holi color offerings to the population of Vietnam which have been famous for their skin-friendly , Non-toxic, quick wash, patented non-flammable, certified colors and lung safe features. 

In the Holi season and even during other times of the year, Tota Colors see a steady demand for Holi color powder rise from Vietnam to paint their festival in kaleidoscopic hues. 

Why Does Vietnam Go Crazy for Tota Colors as Their Holi Color Exporters in  Vietnam? 

  • Color Blasters (Squeeze Bottles)

How do you define unprecedented fun? Well, when the resource that triggers that doesn’t get exhausted. The mini color blasters that Tota Colors provide are the best fit when you want them to not get exhausted quickly. They are refillable and you can use them to spray on your friends and folks around in no time. Tota Colors also ensure that the filling process of the Mini Color blasters should be simple. Anyone can fill the blasters with ease and get started with their fun. 

  • Color Powder

Holi color powder that Tota Colors provide are safe on skin and they are made of chemical free materials. If you are organizing a party and you need a completely safe and organic product, Tota Colors as Color Powder Supplier in  Vietnam has carved a separate reliable identity by always providing high quality products at the best prices. The holi color powders can be requested in a diverse packaging of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs. You can order online and expect timely delivery of the Holi color powder to paint your events successfully. 

  • Hand Cannon popper 

In the party or even during the Holi festival, the hand cannon popper comes out to be very handy. If you are looking for a quick chaos and fun at the party, you need to just twist and turn the hand cannon popper and colors would be flying in the air. However, if you are not satisfied with the quantity that a handheld cannon popper can generate, you can go for the back filled and hung cannon gun and enjoy the party. Load up the color in the hand held cylinder on your back and spray colors on your friends. Tota Colors has maintained extreme simplicity in the hand cannon powder as well as the back-hung cannon gun with non refillable features. Tota colors have ensured that users or customers get the best that they are looking for while fabricating their party when they pick Tota Colors. 

  • UV glow powders

Tota Colors also takes the pride of providing UV glow powders that customers can use for night parties. They can also use them in the gender reveal parties to add excitement to the event. The UV glow powders are made using skin friendly materials that do not cause any damage to the skin. Tota color is very particular about protecting the interest of the consumers while serving them. As a result, they even provide free samples to build the trust. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Innovation

Tota colors always come up with innovative solutions. For example, when they saw that color powder  cylinders  catch fire when in contact with the ignition source, they created the patented non-flammable color powder cylinders and color powders that do not catch fire when in contact with the ignition source. Likewise, they create multi-purpose color powder cylinders  and color bottles that completely add exquisite attraction to the event. 

  • Quality 

Tota Colors adheres to quality testing and material compliances while manufacturing their holi color powder. Hence the customers are certain of getting very high quality products. 

  • Pricing

The pricing of Tota color is extremely competitive to reach out to every customer across the world. 

  • Delivery

Delivery line has been kept prompt so that everything can reach the end users at the right time.