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In the United States, Tota Colors is poised to not only surprise the US audience who are quite mesmerized by the Indian festival of colors i.e. Holi, but also the Indian diaspora alike. As a premium Holi Color Powder supplier  in United States, Tota Colors has seen an undisputed years of dedicated service and customer allegiance. 

Now by harnessing our true expertise in innovating with colors, Tota colors will be providing a wide range of products to the US audience for decorating their festivals in kaleidoscopic hues. Tota Color has the proven track record of providing (i) Non-toxic (ii) Patented non-flammable (iii) skin friendly  (iv) quickly washable  (v) eco-friendly &  (vi) lung safe colors to patrons not only in the United States but across the world. 

No matter what occasion you have like color runs of 5k & 10k, gender reveal parties, fundraisers, night fun parties or sporting events, Tota Colors is dedicatedly committed to provide the products which can best fulfill your purpose. 

Why The US Population is Crazy for Tota Colors as their  Holi Color Manufacturer in United States?

Color Powder Blaster 

Talk of innovation and Tota Colors will always surprise you by their offerings. The Color powder blaster is one such jewel on their cap. These blasters are available in various specifications in the sizes of small, medium and large. The small ones can be fitted on your back and through the gun, one can shoot colors on the surface. These blasters are appropriate if you are holding a 5k & 10k run megathon events. 

As an organizer, to evoke sportiness, one can spray the colors through the blasters and add excitement to the events. As a renowned   Holi Color Exporters in United States, Tota Colors gives these blasters to the users with which they can engage in video game simulated game plays  where one can shoot others with these blasters. These activities can evoke fun and completely help people chill on holidays and weekends. Try out the color powder blaster as a first time user and see the difference it makes in your enjoyment. 

Holi Color Powder

Holi color powder that Tota Colors provide can add charm to your event. Whether you are organizing a small party of friends or a big get together, the Holi colors that Tota Colors provide as a Color Powder Supplier in United States are safe, convenient and extremely gentle on the skin. These holi colors are available in diverse packaging options which are known for being non-flammable and patented for this trait. One can opt for the following packaging options  0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, 55 lbs when ordering the Holi color powder from Tota Colors. So if you want to paint your specific event in Holi colors, Tota Colors is there in the US to help its trusted and faithful customers. 

Neon Holi Color 

Neon Holi Colors give a new swag to your look while hosting a night party. These colors are highly suited if you are organizing gender reveal parties and fundraiser events.  Tota colors also provide other add-ons along with the Neon Holi colors like body paints, UV glow powders, party sprays, event prop items, color powder cylinders and many more items that can completely light up your party. The best part about Tota Colors is the use of organic herbal skin friendly materials that do not damage the skin. Due to this trait, they are the most trusted Holi Color Exporter in United States. 

Why Choose us?

Tota Color has been consistent towards; 


Every quarter they are innovating with the product line. In the last quarter, they have provided Color powder squeeze bottle, color powder gun as their prime innovative products, this quarter they have other products in the production line which are awaiting the release. Hence as customers, when you choose Tota colors, the product line that they offer will not bore you down. 


Quality is the key to sustainability and Tota colors understand that very well. As a result, they are always committed to provide the best quality products and use high end materials to never compromise on customer’s expectations. 

Competitive Prices

Tota Colors ensure that prices are kept very competitive so that their offerings can reach out to every household. 

On Time Delivery 

They have maintained a very strict delivery line to please customers when they want prompt services.