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The UK has close ties with India and people of Indian origin very much celebrate festivals like Holi with enthusiasm. Keeping that in mind, the demand for Holi color powder in the UK has been steadily rising and Tota Colors is committed to fulfill the same. Tota provides a wide range of Holi color powders as a manufacturer and supplier of Holi color powder that have some of the unique features like: (i) Non-Toxic, (ii) Patented non-flammable (iii) skin friendly  (iv) quickly washable  (v) eco-friendly &  (vi) lung safe colors 

In this Holi season which will happen very soon in March, it is time to make people get immersed in the purest color of love and brotherhood through Tota’s unique line of Holi products like color blasters, color powders, hand cannon poppers, UV glow powders, sprays so on and so forth. 

Why is the English population  is Crazy for Tota Colors as their  Holi Color Manufacturer in the UK?

Color Powder Cylinders 

Tota Colors has been pioneers in terms of innovation and learning from the mistakes of others. In the past, there have been incidents of mishappening using the color powder cylinders. They took lessons from such events and developed non-flammable holi color powder. The powders have been tested across various parameters to give security and safety to the users. Due to a decade of unquestioned service and delivery, Tota colors has emerged as a first preference when it comes to painting festivals in the UK. 

People of the UK engage in Holi and other events using the color powder cylinders provided by Tota as a  Holi Color Exporter  in  the UK and they are highly satisfied by the service and the product of Tota colors.  Tota also provides Color powder squeeze bottles with which anyone can pour holi color on another person.

Party Sprays 

Tota colors take the privilege of providing very high-end party sprays in the UK.  These sprays are very convenient and meant for complete fun. You can easily use the canisters that are filled with the holi colors and spray the same on other people. There are an assorted array of colors to choose from. Some of the folks might go for the general holi colors that come out of the spray. Or, there are other customized options as well that users can put forward and Tota Colors as an efficient Color Powder Suppliers in  the UK will positively fulfill. 

Body Paints 

Body paints are very effective options when you are supporting a cause. It could be for a specific purpose like gender identifiability or a sporting event. You might have seen that in the cricket or football stadiums in the UK, folks are painting their cheeks and body in diverse colors. Tota Colors provide the best body paints which are made up of eco-friendly materials. The eco-friendly materials that Tota color as a Holi Color Powder supplier in the UK use make them very safe and easy on the skin. These body paints are easy to remove because of this trait. You can simply wipe them off with water and enjoy a pleasurable experience. If you are looking forward to a sporting event and want to enjoy showing allegiance to the team you support, these colors are best fit for you. 

Color Powder 

Tota color makes sure that color powder is available in various specifications of  0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, 55 lbs to make sure that your next event or a party can be as grand as possible. We make sure that the color powders are  safe for use on the skin by undergoing rigorous tests and measures. Tota Colors has emerged as a key holi color exporter in the UK by living up to the expectations of the customers. 

Color Powder Cylinder 

Tota Color provides color powder cylinders which are refillable and they use non-flammable Holi color powder which are safe on the skin. Due to these features, you can use the Holi color powder cylinders in various events and fun parties. Whether it is a common holi festival or a night party, all you need to do is fill up the color powder cylinder and throw color on the surface or on people for a complete fun. 

Why Choose Us?

Tota has carved an identity as a premium Color Powder Suppliers in  the UK because of the following reasons; 

  • Innovation 

Innovation is the modus operandi of Tota colors where they are continuously adapting to the industry trends. We follow the trends and chart out smart solutions that we introduce in our products. Be it the patented non-flammable colors and easy to refill color cylinders,  are the front runners in everything that we have delivered for our clients. In this way, we are able to deliver on the promises of innovation that our clients seek every moment. 

  • Quality 

Tota Colors always maintain high-end quality in the product deliverables and generate the best output for the clients. 

  • Competitive Prices

The prices offered at Tota colors for their products are highly competitive as per international standards. 

  • On Time Delivery 

Tota color is committed to providing the delivery of its premium Holi colors on time across the world.