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We have served in China and now we are expanding our footprints in Taiwan as well to strengthen our client base. Tota Colors, as a manufacturer of holi color, understands that serving the customer is the best thing that one can do towards building a sustainable business model. We have been doing that for quite a while, like 20 years, to build a reputation as the best holi color exporter in Taiwan. 

Top Products of Tota Colors Exported To Taiwan 

Gender Reveal Products 

We take pride in presenting the best stocks of gender reveal products which include color powder, color blasters, sprouters and other specific arrangements. Our commitment is to provide the best variety of gender reveal holi color  powder so that you can organize your gender reveal parties in the best possible way. 

Our gender reveal products, which include holi color powder are of very high-end quality. On top of this, they are also manufactured keeping strict quality standards making them highly safe and secure for use. 

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

We bring the color powder squeeze bottles which are manufactured keeping in mind that people need convenient ways to play with colors. There are a handful of folks who prefer to play with holi colors without actually getting into the nitty-gritty of playing with colors. For such folks, we introduce the color powder squeeze bottles which are easily refillable with eco-friendly holi color. We keep in mind that our customers are spread across the world. Hence a substandard quality would not let us stay long in the market and competition. Hence we have done everything to ensure that you get an innovative way to showcase playfulness. The color powder squeeze bottles very much achieve that for our clients. 

Color Powder 

There are events like fundraisers, 5k & 10k run where for boosting the participants morale, there’s a continuous ejection of holi color from the ground. The use of color powder is quite prevalent to help make sure that the events are successful. We, as prime supplier of holi color powder in Taiwan, make sure that our customers get the right variety of colors in diverse specifications. For example, we have  0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs packaging options available which can rightfully fulfill all the requirements that you have for your upcoming event. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

Color powder cylinders are another key offering that we present to the folks who are based in Taiwan. These cylinders are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can contain maximum holi color powder. On top of this, we also make sure to keep our innovation right on track allowing quick refilling under expert supervision. If you want to play with colors and intend to keep the joyful momentum continue for long, in that case, going for the color powder cylinders could be the best bet that you can take. 

Neon Colors

We also present our neon colors which are manufactured using a very effective strategy that makes them skin-friendly and safe for use. If you have a campaign or a night party, pick these neon colors since they glow in the dark. Hence they will make you look cool everytime you apply them on your skin. 

Why Choose Us?


Innovation is the winning factor that has kept us alive in the competition. Every time you get to grab something new when you get hold of Tota Colors. 


We maintain very high quality while providing our products to the end customers so that they always remain satisfied.


Our pricing is competitive and we make sure that our color powders are extremely affordable. 


We have remained prompt with respect to the delivery.