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Spain has been the territory for Tota Colors, a holi color exporter for providing their unique holi colors and products revolving around the same. Tota Colors has been in the business for the last 20 years serving the client base in Spain, providing supplies for events, fundraisers and social campaigns. Due to their consistency in delivering quality, innovative products and out-of-the-box service experience, Tota Colors is the name to trust in Spain. 

Top Products of Tota Colors Exported To Spain 

Gender Reveal Products

Stocks of the highest standards when it comes to gender reveal products have kept Tota Colors the top choice when it comes to holding a gender reveal party. They have various innovative products in their disposal which have kept them the first priority whenever someone is looking for gender reveal products. If you have a party in mind for welcoming your newborn, in  that case, going for the gender reveal products that Tota Colors as a holi color powder supplier in Spain provides will always keep you ahead. The gender reveal products are of the highest standards and best quality to keep things in shape. 

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Tota Colors has also unraveled a new innovative product when you are planning for a color party at home or outside. The color powder squeeze bottles are very appropriate for hosting a water conservative party where water wastage can be rightfully eliminated. You need to just fill-in the bottles and bam you are ready for the fun. The filling process is very simple and you are certain of an unparalleled fun using the color powder squeeze bottles. 

Color Powder 

Tota Colors, as a holi color exporter in Spain offers colors powders which are manufactured keeping safety in mind. So they are non-flammable as well as safe for use. For events like campaigns, fundraisers and corporate events, these color powders are highly recommended. If you have been planning for any festivals where you need colors, Tota Colors is the brand to pick because they have been very consistent with their products, affordable pricing and quality. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

Another product which is in very high demand in Spain is color powder cylinders that Tota Colors as a holi color powder manufacturer and exporter produces and exports to Spain. These cylinders are compact, light-weight and highly mobile. If you want uninterrupted holi while playing with colors, you can pick these cylinders. They are also suitable for other events as well where you can enjoy their smart tech. However bear in mind that they are refillable but only under expert supervision. 

Neon Colors

Tota Color’s neon color has very high demand during sports or night parties. Their glow in the dark features render them a perfect option to pick for showing a swagger avatar. If you have a night party around the corner and you wish to fabricate the same with the best color choices, Neon colors of Tota Colors, as a key holi color powder supplier in Spain is a top pick to bank upon. 

Why Choose Us?


We are highly innovative when it comes to the production line. Every quarter we are eager to give our customers something new. 


We maintain very high quality standards while providing our products to the customers. 


We have kept the pricing competitive to reach out to the customers. 


Our delivery is prompt without any delay to always satisfy our clients.