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As an epitome of cultural diversity, Qatar has welcomed people from diverse factions who are wishful of changing their lives for the better. In this pursuit, the economy of Qatar has grown manifold to emerge as one of the richest countries in the world. With the rise in cultural diversity, it wouldn’t be surprising to note that various festivals and events  are celebrated in Qatar. Keeping that in mind, to fulfill the demand for events like 5k & 10k race, fundraisers, night parties, and other key events where one demands color, Tota Color, a Holi color exporter in Qatar is all set to jibe up the supply of some of its best products to Qatar which could simply color up any festival or event. 

Top Products of Tota Colors Exported To Qatar 

Gender Reveal Products 

In the past, there wasn’t much excitement about child births but that paradigm has changed for the better. Nowadays people want to celebrate the prepartum period where they throw parties for family, friends and acquaintances. In these parties they reveal to the peers the child’s sex. But there’s a catch in this practice. It will never be such an easy going event, on the contrary, there will be so much extravagance and other things involved. Gender reveal products complete this ceremony. The gender reveal products that Tota Colors as a holi color powder package provider in Qatar provides are very safe for use for such setups. The colors are easy to remove and they go very easy on the skin. People are crazy for the color as a result. 

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Since we had already stressed on the point that Qatar is very richly immersed in a global culture, they prefer to enjoy all the festivals which are celebrated globally. During Holi, the color powder squeeze bottles that Tota Colors provide create a buzz. These bottles are very quick in refilling and they can be used to spray colors in any direction of choice. 

That said, the demand simply splurges during Holi. But that doesn’t make these color powder squeeze bottles just the product for Holi. On the contrary, since these bottles do not lead to excessive wastage of water, they are demanded even during pool parties and fundraiser events  in Qatar. During the pool parties, people like to indulge in colors and they are very effective during such times. These bottles can be refilled without an expert assistance using organic holi color powder that Tota Colors provides. Their portable nature makes them the best option to choose if you want to jibe up the color party by the side of the pool. 

Color Powder 

Those naught fun and get togethers are incomplete without a housewarming playfulness with Holi colors. When Tota Colors, the Holi color exporter in Qatar enters the fray, they completely change the dynamics. With their Holi color powder, which is eco-friendly, safe to remove and gentle on the skin, one can play with colors for a variety of sports events like fundraisers, 5k & 10k events and pool parties. One can organize a color raid party where you can raid your immediate peers with color balloons or simply color each other’s face with dry holi color powder. Tota Colors has kept all the options in mind by providing the Holi color powder in diverse packaging options like 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs. They even provide free samples where users can check the quality and impact of the color on their skin. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

During the party for organizing an unobstructed fun, you can always bank on the holi color powder cylinders. These cylinders are refillable by patented non-flammable holi color powder under expert supervision. Once you have done that, they will help you enjoy non-stop fun for hours where you can play shooter games using colors with your friends. The tank that is used for the refilling purpose is very easy to carry. You can mount the same on your back and enjoy the color ride like never before. 

Neon Body Paints 

Tota Colors also provide Neon Body color paints which are very effective for night parties. If you have planned for the night parties, use the Neon color body paints and see the magic they weave. These paints glow in the dark evoking the swag in your character and attitude. Just spread them over your face and enjoy the fun. They are easy to wash as well. 

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Innovation is the key to sustain in the competition and Tota Colors has always innovated with its product line to give the best results. 


Quality is the key when you have to stay in the competition. We have always adhered to very high grounds when it comes to delivering value to our customers. 


We have kept the pricing very competitive so that the customers never miss out to use our products. 


Our commitment to never let our customers miss their special events mean that the delivery will be on spot and at the right time.