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Holi Color Powder Bags

Our Holi Colours are developed using consciously chosen finest quality raw material and ingredients. To add on to the enjoyment, our Non Toxic colours are available in a vivid range of vibrant shades.

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Holi can be fun, but there are regrets the next day! The color is not peeling off, you had to leave for the office the next day, but the funny artwork on your face pulled you back.

The problem doubles when you spot rashes and irritation on the skin. No wonder this wasn’t covered in your holi plan. But it wasn’t your fault; it was the wrong choice of colors you might have bought for Holi.

HOLI is a festival of colors and celebration, so before you end up making this festival a big mistake or crisis for the skin, invest in some quality colors.

And to make things sorted, TOTA has brought you some naturally sourced, herbal color powders. Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Green, or Orange, choose whichever you want, and make this HOLI free of rashes and irritations that are always disliked during the colorful festival.

Unlike other colors, this herbal Holi color powder doesn’t impact the skin. However, these colors equip a vast amount of enjoyment and HOLI-WALI feel, but they intend to stay friendly to every skin.

Mainly if this HOLI is being celebrated with kids, keep those stubborn colors aside and get your hands on these beautiful Gulal Powders.

When the HOLI is over, go back to your washroom to get cleaned within a jiffy!

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