Funny Foam

Funny Foam is a very innovative product that creates very dense and long lasting foam. The foams are skin friendly,having a moisturising effect and are available in various shades.

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Why settle for less when the HOLI celebration brings you more opportunities to enjoy? If you are tired of those old face colours and seek something new, this HOLI celebration. 

Of course, this Tota Funny Foam must be the best fit for the holi plan. The product equips coloured foam, which is non-toxic and harmless to the skin. With a push of a button, it releases a stream of foam, enabling you to design your friend’s face with a good amount of fun. 

Using the coloured foam, you can create artificial moustache, friend’s beard and other creative things that you want to see on their facial feature. The Tota Funny foam has been exclusively designed to replace the traditional style of pasting colours on the face.

 No worry, the foam is easy to remove from the face and hardly takes a few seconds of facewash to get rid of the same. The foam is available in multiple colours and gives you even more unique ideas to style the face of your friend or cousin. 

Most notably, it is a natural, herbal foaming spray and can be used on any skin type. Still, it is advised to keep it away from eye exposure but keep using the product for the outer skin.


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