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In the Philippines, if you are planning to organize an event like a fundraiser, sports get-together or a sprint, there has to be top level arrangements for the success of the event. Tota Colors, a Holi Color Powder in the Philippines has been serving for the last 20 years where we have provided high grade holi color powder which are safe, convenient and affordable to make your special events successful. 

Top Products of Tota Colors Exported To  Philippines

Gender Reveal Products

As time changes, preferences do  evolve with time. The same is the case with the East and West. There has been infiltration of western culture in the eastern region. So events like gender reveal parties which were the fascination of the parents from the western countries have intrigued parents in the eastern countries as well. Tota Colors, as a holi color exporter in the Philippines has filled up that void. They have  provided advanced solutions to the parents where they can ask for eco-friendly gender reveal colors that they can use in the gender reveal parties. 

Tota Colors has maintained strict compliances ensuring a long list of customers who have shown true allegiance to the brand. Their sample testing scheme has also provided some respite to the consumers since they can test the product before using the same. 

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Tota Colors, as a chief holi color exporter in the Philippines also introduces the color powder squeeze bottles which are very convenient for organizing an event. These squeeze bottles are very easy to refill and you get to have a lot of advantages like minimal water wastage, skin-friendly colors and non-flammable patented colors that avert any accidental occurrences. That said, you can very well say that these are the perfect pick if you want an organized holi event, color fest or pool parties. 

Color Powder 

Color powder is a key attractive pick when you are holding events like fundraisers, 5k & 10k runs and other social campaigns. Tota Colors provide free samples for their premium holi color powder which are manufactured using high-end tech to make them non-flammable. These color powders are available in specific packaging of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs to meet varying demand of the customers. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

Color powder cylinders are another prime product of Tota Colors which provide an additional advantage over color powder squeeze bottles if you want to play with colors in quantity. These expert filled refillable cylinders use non-flammable patented colors and they are highly mobile. So you can easily move from one place to another while blasting off colors from your color gun. 

Neon Colors

Tota Colors also unveils the neon colors which are very safe and easy to use on the skin. They glow in the dark making them excellent options to pick for night parties. On top of this, you can also apply them on the face to support your team or a cause to send a message. Tota colors use eco-friendly, chemical-free ingredients to make the neon colors. 

Why Choose us?


Our products offered  is itself a narrative to tell that we have been innovating with our production line to give the best offerings to our customers. 


We adhere to international standards so that our customers are always getting very high quality. 


We have kept the pricing affordable to reach out to customers from various parts of the world. 


Our delivery is prompt no matter where we have to reach our products.