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Countries which are situated in the Indian Ocean have been closely aligned with India and they do share culture with India. That said, Malaysia is no different with its close proximity with India, due to that not only Indian festivals but Malaysia depends on India for fulfilling other import requirements as well. Color powder is one such area where Malaysia’s dependency on India has increased over the years. 

In Malaysia, there are various events like fundraisers, social campaigns and even festivals where color powders have been demanded in higher proportion. Tota Colors, a Holi Color manufacturer in Malaysia has been fulfilling that demand quite comfortably. Tota Colors has been known for their innovative products that help the folks in Malaysia enjoy very colorful festival moments using the Holi color powder. 

Top Products of Tota Colors Exported To Malaysia 

Gender Reveal Products 

With an increased inclination of mimicking the traditions and culture of the West, parents in the South Asian continent have also started throwing gender reveal parties to celebrate their child’s expected birth. In these parties, there are many colors that denote the gender of the child. For example, blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Tota Colors, a holi color powder supplier in Malaysia takes the pride of supplying some of the best varieties of color powder which are skin safe and easy to wash. 

Hence people in Malaysia have been preferring all the products that Tota Colors is providing for the gender reveal parties. There are various skin friendly colors as well that can be applied on the skin for the gender reveal parties that can be ordered from Tota Colors. Keep that in mind if you are looking forward to the same. 

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

In the fundraisers and other social campaigns where people generally do not get tempted to be a part of. For such causes, the best way to pique their interest would be to attract them for such events. In order to do that, you as a host can organize special themed playful events. Like you can think of a color festival where people can play with colors in these events. 

Tota Colors provide color powder squeeze bottles which are very much apt for such events. These bottles are very handy and they can be quickly filled with non-flammable holi color powder. So if you are planning to organize such an event, in that case, just pick the color powder squeeze bottles that Tota Colors provide and you will have the best experience that you have been seeking all this while. There’s provision for free samples as well that Tota Colors provide which will help you take a decisive call when you are planning for their products. 

Color Powders 

For various events like Holi, get-together parties, 5k and 10k run, campaigns and other such lively events that you can plan and undertake, the color powders that Tota Colors provides will always keep you on the edge of your seats. These powders have a very aromatic essence. Like you get a scent whenever you are using these colors powders. From a security standpoint, they are non flammable and safe on skin. Hence they can be used for a variety of purposes as the user deems fit. 

Tota Colors has made these color powders available in a variety of packaging of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs. If you want to get hold of the free samples before you opt for a purchase, there’s provision to do that as well. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

For special parties where there’s need for unlimited fun, you need the supply of colors which cannot be obstructed. That said, Tota Colors has come up with color powder cylinders which will completely change the way you play with colors. Though these cylinders are refillable, it is advised not to do it with your own hands, instead seek an expert. The colors which are used are non-flammable patented which is only available at the Tota Colors manufacturing unit. 

Neon Body Paints 

For organizing a night party, the need for neon colors arise. These neon colors glow in the dark and they are very safe on the skin. So if you are wishing for a night party, opt for Tota Color’s neon body paints that you can apply on the skin. These are very effective even for sporting events where you can color your body to support your team. 

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