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Japanese culture has changed over the years from being close-ended to multi-faceted embracing people from various traditions, practices and beliefs. Such a wide participation has made Japan a perfect market to showcase products. Tota Colors, a Holi Color Manufacturer in Japan from India has maximized this opportunity to capture the market. 

Tota Colors has been instrumental in providing Holi color powders which are very useful in Japan for organizing fundraisers, 5k & 10 k events, night parties and other fun activities. Some of the products of Tota Colors in Japan have been demanded over the years which will be listed below. 

Top Products of Tota Colors Exported To Japan 

Gender Reveal Products

Have you ever felt the excitement when you get to know that you will be a parent soon? Bet you do! These are the moments when you are on cloud nine. During such moments you plan to organize parties or events. That has been the standard over the years and gender reveal parties are a must have to inform friends, families and acquaintances. Tota Colors, as the chief color powder supplier in Japan, makes all the arrangements that you need to throw a classy gender reveal party. They have various color options like eco-friendly, skin-safe and easy to remove that you can use for the gender reveal parties. 

The offerings do not just end with that, there are other products as well which will completely light up your gender reveal party like sprays, color throwers and packaged color powders that you can book based on sample testing offers to take our services.

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles 

Often we may be in need of a very neat and organized pool party or night events where we use colors for merry-making. Well, neat and organized yet colors, that’s a contradictory mix but when you have color powder squeeze bottles, anything is possible. The color powder squeeze bottles are very easy to carry and quick to refill. You can use non-flammable holi color powder mixed with water to fill up these bottles. 

The process is very quick since Tota Colors as the key exporter of Holi colors in Japan knows that Japanese like simplification and these bottles are over simplified when it comes to refilling. You can use them for a range of events and activities like night parties, pool parties and holi get together. You just need to name the event and these color powder squeeze bottles will never disappoint you. 

Color Powder 

Color powders are used for various events and get-together parties for stressing on any performance. Like there are  color powder blowers which blow colors at regular intervals. Tota Colors very well understand that these events are very important and they require safety standards. There have been events in the past where safety standards were compromised and people’s lives were put to stake. 

Tota Colors as a color powder supplier in Japan adheres to safety compliances and provides non-flammable holi color powder which are safe on the skin and provide a very effective experience while playing with them. These color powders are available in packaging of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs to please customers in the best manner. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

For organizing a safe as well as eventful get together, you need the color powder cylinders which have very high quantity potential to hold and spray colors. On top of this, these cylinders are refillable under expert provision if you wish to do so. But it is highly advisable that users do not self engage in the refilling process. If you want the best experience while playing with colors, these are the top picks to choose. 

Neon Body Colors 

Neon body colors are well suited when you are planning to visit a sports event to cheer for your team or you have a night party. Tota Colors has done everything as a holi color powder supplier in Japan to ensure safety while using these body colors. 

They glow in the dark and would make you show your swag when you apply them on your skin. There is also provision for free samples that you can ask from Tota Colors. 

Why Choose Us?


We have remained innovative over the years when it comes to experimenting with our products and coming up with the best ones. 


Quality is the key that has helped us remain a trustworthy brand when it comes to holi color powders and products. 


The pricing has always been competitive to reach out to all. 


We are very prompt despite our operations are based in India.