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Israel enjoys very deep camaraderie with India and due to this reason, many of the Indian festivals have relevance in Israel. The bond established by the Battle of Haifa has pushed the demand for Indian products in Israel. Holi color powder is one such honorable mention that help folks in Israel play the Indian festival of colors. 

To make sure that the custom stays, Tota Colors, one of the prime holi color manufacturers in Israel has been spreading the warmth of affection for the last 20 years. The color manufacturer and exporter has supplied high grade holi colors which have key features like skin-friendliness, non-flammable, eco-friendly, easy to wash and gentle on skin. 

Why Does Israel  Go Crazy for Tota Colors as Their Holi Color Exporters in Israel?

Folks in Israel appreciate innovation and Tota Colors has been outrightly delivering the same to its customers through some of its unique products like; 

  • Gender Reveal Colors

The world has been moving towards getting well wired to the Internet. Due to such a compulsive responsibility, parents are very particular about connecting with the society for welcoming their child. Before the birth of the child, often they are engaged in throwing gender reveal parties where the demand for skin-friendly and price competitive color arises. Tota Colors as one of the trusted Color Powder Suppliers in  Israel makes arrangements to serve on the platter of Israelis special grade skin friendly color powders to fabricate the gender reveal parties. These color powders have been either packed in cylinders that come out from the jet sprays during the party. The arrangements are made in such a manner that these powders do not cause any harm to the fathering around. So they are made non-flammable, friendly and easy to wash. 

  • Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Color powder squeeze bottles are another innovation of Tota Colors as a key holi color exporter in Israel. They are designed in such a way that it would trigger minimal water wastage. All you need to do is just fill in the colors in the bottle and add water to it. They mix quickly and ensure that marginal wastage of water happens. That being said, they have simplified playing colorful sports in Israel. These bottles are very easy to refill and they simply last very long to keep you motivated for the fun. 

  • Color Powder 

Color powders have found diverse uses which are not limited to parties only. On the contrary, they are an eventful pick for festivals in Israel. As a holi color manufacturer in Israel, Tota Colors ensure that people get to choose the best color powders which are available in the standard packaging of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs. One can choose an assorted array of colors for pool parties, festivals or events like 5K & 10k races.

  • Neon Color 

Neon colors are a noteworthy mention when you want something super innovative for the night parties. These colors are shining bright at night and one cannot simply take their eyes away from them. The best part about the Neon colors that Tota Colors provide is their research and testing. Tota Color has maintained utmost safety and compliance guidelines in their manufacturing process. Due to such an advantage, these colors are safe to apply on the skin. They also come in body paint variations which can be used for painting your body to support a cause or cheer for the team during a sports tournament. Since they glow in the dark, it is the best thing that you can choose for a rave party or a night fun. 

  • Color Powder Cylinders 

Running out of colors while playing Holi in Israel isn’t an option and Tota Colors has provided a solution for the same. Through the color powder cylinders, one can easily get a steady supply line of colors to add fiesta and fun to the party. These cylinders are very comfortable to carry and they can be easily refilled for extravagant fun but refilling is not recommended by users since they need experts for filling it with patented non flammable powder. For enjoying an unchecked fun, these are the top picks. 

Why Choose us?

  • Innovation 

Tota Color as the holi color exporters in Israel understands the sentiments of the population that they respect innovation. Their non-flammable holi color powder has evoked that trust of the people in the brand. 

  • Quality 

Tota Colors has never compromised on the quality parameters by undergoing rigorous testing and innovation to keep them ahead in the game. 

  • Pricing 

Tota Colors has maintained very competitive pricing for its product to keep them in demand. 

  • On Time Delivery 

On time delivery is a deciding factor if you are a holi color exporter in Israel. By always being on time for the delivery, Tota Colors has never disappointed the audience.