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Hong Kong is a growing economy which has been working towards empowering its people both financially and spiritually. For that reason, they often conduct many events and get-togethers that help in building positive bonding among the population. 

In such events, the demand for various products arise. Color powders remain a top sought after thing in Kong Kong and Tota Colors, a color powder supplier in Hong Kong is committed to fulfilling that demand. 

Top Products of Tota Colors Exported To Hong Kong 

Gender Reveal Products

Influenced by the western countries, the parents in Hong Kong have also given a thought to hold parties and post their good news on social media to engage with friends, families and acquaintances. In this pursuit, Tota Colors as Holi color exporter in Hong Kong has helped them in a big way. They are providing non-flammable holi color powder that they can use to color their parties. 

The color powders are very safe to use and they are easy to remove as well. That said, the demand has touched skies in Hong Kong when it comes to gender reveal parties. 

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Color powder squeeze bottles are another noteworthy mention that Tota Colors provide to the customers in Hong Kong. These bottles are easily refillable and they have been designed in such a manner to eliminate wastage and maximize experience. For events like festivals and pool parties, they are the top pick that you can look forward to. 

Color Powder 

Color powder that Tota Color provides are manufactured keeping in mind safety requirements. That said, their non-flammable traits make them perfect for use in crowded events like fundraisers, 5k & 10k runs and other big parties. Tota Colors also provide free samples which the customers can test prior to their purchase for satisfaction. Those who are putting up an offer for these color powders can avail them in the packaging of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

Color powder squeeze bottles have limited capacity since they are very small; but cylinders are entirely different. They have the quantity dynamics that users want when they are looking for organizing an event where color supply should be unstoppable. Preferably it is needed if you are organizing sports events like counter-strike or PUBG themed on-ground sports. In such events, the color powder cylinders are a perfect pick. 

They work unprecedentedly to yield the best results. However take note of the refilling process since unlike the color powder squeeze bottles, they need expert supervision during refilling. So either you arrange for adequate supplies or you must keep experts along with you who can help in filling up these cylinders with non-flammable patented holi color powder. 

Neon Colors 

Tota Colors as a chief exporter of Holi Color in Hong Kong also provides Neon color which are skin safe and they can be applied on the skin easily. Their glow properties almost make you look cool in the party. 

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