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France and India have very strong relationships with each other from both a diplomatic as well as a cultural standpoint. Keeping that in mind, the French people do not abstain or miss out on enjoying the festival of colors. For example, Val-de-Reuil, a town located around 200 kms away from Paris, enjoyed the festival of Holi last year in large numbers. 

There were more than 2,000 people who gathered to enjoy the Holi festival with colors. What’s striking is many Indian color manufacturers have pitched in to fulfill the demand. Tota Colors, a Holi Color Manufacturer in France is a noteworthy mention when it comes to supplying Holi colors to the French people. 

This company has been in the business for the last 20 years serving the French population by supplying Holi colors. Their colors are highly in demand because they provide safety, easy to remove and eco-friendly features to it. 

Why Do Egyptians  Go Crazy for Tota Colors as Their Holi Color Exporters in Egypt?

In France, people who are wishful of celebrating a colorful event: Be it a festival or some occasions at home trust Tota Colors as their color powder supplier in France because of the following reasons; 

Gender Reveal Products 

The gender reveal products that Tota Colors as a Holi color powder supplier in France provides are of very high end quality. These gender reveal products like canisters, cold sprays that Tota Colors provide are well suited for special occasions like gender reveal parties. In the gender reveal parties, the parents can use these products to reveal the gender of their child. Since these products are extremely safe and they are easy to remove with simply a wipe. On top of this, the non-flammable trait of the gender reveal products make them  a top pick for any event. 

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Most people are not very comfortable when it comes to playing with colors with their hands. For such folks, Tota Colors, as a Holi color supplier in France introduced the color powder squeeze bottles which are very easy to use and quick to refill. You need not have to hustle when using the color powder squeeze bottles since they can be collected in numbers and used at one go. For example, if you are playing with your friends in a color battle, this is an efficient weapon which can be quickly loaded with colors and you can throw the color on your immediate peer. These bottles are convenient and they give you a perfect festival mood set-up once you unleash them on your friends and families. 

Color Powder 

For playing Holi with dry colors, the Holi color powder is a top pick. You can either play a wet or a dry holi with the Holi color powder. These colors are skin safe, easy to use and quick to remove. Tota Colors provide these Holi color powders in the variety of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs. 

Neon Color/ Body Paints 

There’s a special product for which Tota Colors as a color manufacturer in France is so famous for. These colors can be applied on the skin and they are very skin friendly at the same time. If you are attending an event or going to the sports tournament to support your favorite team, this is the top pic for you. They also glow in the dark which is a bonus for you. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

Some people want to enjoy unstoppable Holi and for such folks, the color powder cylinders are the most notable option to pick. These color powder cylinders are refillable, but they do need expert supervision so bear that in mind. But when you are using the color powder cylinders, it is certain that you are going to have a blast. 

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Innovation has kept us going this far in the past 20 years. We have always maintained high-end commitment to give the best outcomes to the clients. 


Our commitment to quality has made us identifiable as a holi color exporter in France. We do rigorous testing and quality assurances to deliver the best product. 


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