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Egypt has been slowly and steadily getting intrigued by the Indian culture and Holi celebrations in Egypt is a testimony to the fact that the Indian diaspora has been steadily rising there. In the midst of all the stories of the Pharaoh and pyramids, there’s one thing striking there that the world is opening to India. With India getting recognition as a global leader, every country want to taste the bit of Indian culture and what better than Holi to start with. 

The festival of Holi is a significance that Indians accept everyone beyond caste, color, religion and region. That said, Tota Colors, the Holi color manufacturer in Egypt is committed to paint the Egyptians in the color of unity and brotherhood through their safe, easy to wash and environment friendly Holi color powder. Tota Colors has been serving in the African and Levant region for the last 20 years. Folks in the region have been very excited about Tota Colors for fabricating their festivals. 

Why Do Egyptians  Go Crazy for Tota Colors as Their Holi Color Exporters in Egypt?

Tota Colors has been spontaneous in serving the people of Egypt and they have build that endearing trust because of the following reasons;

Gender Reveal Products 

There’s a strong sense of liking among parents to show the gender of their child. They do take it as a sporting event and want their friends, family and acquaintances to know that. Through the help of Tota Colors, which is a trusted holi color powder supplier in Egypt, the parents in Egypt make their gender reveal parties very colorful and thought stirring. 

Tota Colors make special arrangements for the gender reveal parties where they provide canisters, cold sprays and other relevant products that can light up the party. Tota Colors is also very particular about the safety of its customers, hence they always prefer patented non-flammable holi color powder for such events. These powders do not catch fire and they are skin friendly at the same time. 

Color Powder Squeeze Bottles

Color powder squeeze bottles simplify  the fun of playing with colors. With the use of the color powder squeeze bottles, you need not have to spread the color on the top of your palm. On the contrary, you can easily fill up the bottle with colors and spray them on the surface or on your friends. These color powder spray bottles provided by Tota Colors as a color powder supplier in Egypt are made keeping in mind the hassles one face during the refilling. Therefore they are very convenient and effective while aiding your special events like parties and festivals. Just fill them with the Holi colors and enjoy the fun on the run. 

Color Powder 

Color powders are very efficient when you want custom holi playing options. By custom holi playing options, it means dry and wet holi. You can mix the color powder with water and fill the same in squeeze bottles for a wet holi. Whereas, if you like playing the dry holi, you can use the dry color powders for your special fascination. These color powders are provided by Tota Colors as a prime Holi Color Exporter in Egypt in the packaging of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, and 55 lbs. You can also ask them for samples to test their quality if you so desire. 

Neon Color 

For the night parties, the Neon colors are top pick and often they are associated with chemicals. But Tota Colors, as a manufacturer of Holi color powder in Egypt, has changed that narrative through the use of organic materials for the neon colors. You can use the neon colors for sports and other events as well to apply on your body. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

Color powder cylinders allow you to enjoy playing with colors without an interruption. These cylinders are refillable but under expert supervision with patented non-flammable holi color powder. So, due to this feature, these cylinders aid you in playing Holi with unquestioned enthusiasm. The cylinders are available in various quantities to help you enjoy the kind of Holi that you had always liked. 

Why Choose us?


Tota colors has always wanted to innovate and provide the best products to its customers. 


We have always maintained very high end quality in our products. 


We respect that clients want to make their festivals lively and exciting; hence, it is our duty that we deliver our products due on time to make that happen.