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Despite not maintaining a healthy camaraderie with India, China is very particular about celebrating the Indian festivals. Most of the rhetoric that China does with respect to Indian festivals is because of the involvement of trade relations with India. That said, Holi is one such Indian festival that piques Chinese interest. The Chinese folks like the Holi festival, which is so full of colors. So Tota Colors, a holi color powder supplier in China assures the population that they can access the best colors which are safe, easy to wash and non-allergic to the skin. 

Tota Colors has over 20 years of experience providing non-flammable and non-toxic colors to the Chinese population. Due to their consistency, sincerity and innovative products, Tota Colors is a preferred brand in China when you want a Holi color manufacturer in China to fulfill various demand for colors as per events held in China. 

Why Does China  Go Crazy for Tota Colors as Their Holi Color Exporters in China?

Chinese people are crazy for Tota colors because they have provided innovative products which are safe and convenient for the population. Some of their product line stand as follows; 

  • Gender Reveal Products 

There has been a new craze among parents where they like to show to the world the gender of their child before they are born. Tota Colors has completely understood the demand of this trend and provides very high grade non-flammable holi color powder for such events. Generally in these events the colors are spread in the air. They are either coming out of the jet spray or some special arrangements are made for the same. However there’s a risk factor involved in these events. Since the color powders that come out of the sprays are flammable when in contact with an ignition source. Therefore Tota Colors has taken the onus to provide high quality materials that do not catch fire. Hence safeguarding its consumers.  These colors can be used in the varieties of blue and pink to reveal the gender of the child. 

  • Color Blasters (Color Powder Squeeze Bottles)

Tota also provides color blasters which come in the refillable variants. These blasters are fitted on the surface for special events like 5k & 10k runs. These events are especially arranged for fundraiser events. To add thrill and excitement to these events, the color blasters pop-out colors in intervals during the race on the track. However the challenge is that materials should be safe and convenient. Since theft may get into the eyes and cause irritation and other problems. Through the help of Tota Colors as a prime holi color exporter in China, the event organizers can be rest assured that very high quality material will arrive for their events. These colors are safe and easy to use. Hence Tota Colors has a wider demand in China when it comes to color blasters. 

  • Color Powder

Color powders have a wider application in China for special events like parties, events and sports. Since the Chinese population is particular about their safety, these colors are tested on various parameters before they are available to the customers. As a color powder supplier in  China which is fully trusted, Tota Colors ensure that distributors who are placing the orders get access to free samples for testing. Through this initiative, Tota Colors is also committed to build a positive brand image. These colors powders are available in the packaging of   0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, 55 lbs

  • Neon Color Powder /Body Paints 

Neon color powder that Tota colors provide has been tested across various parameters so that they are safe to apply on the skin. For party animals, this is a top product  to pick since they completely make one look super swagger. Once you apply the body paints or Neon color powder, they will glow in the dark. Tota Colors also provide free samples to the users who are trusting the brand. 

  • Color Powder Cylinders 

Color powder cylinders are refillable and they are very convenient for any set up. That said, one can take these cylinders for fun at the party or during the holi festivals. It is very easy to hold at the back and the refilling process has been kept simple. As a Holi Color Manufacturer in China, Tota has ensured that customers are getting the best products that they are seeking from Tota Colors. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Innovation 

Innovation is the crux of Tota Colors. Every quarter we are committed to innovating with our products and providing the best solutions to our end customers. 

  • Quality 

We use organic materials and test our products before they are made available to the public. In this way, the customers are getting very high quality product assurance. 

  • Delivery 

Our delivery is prompt and we have acted as a reliable color powder supplier for the entire world. 

  • Pricing 

We have kept the pricing competitive to reach out to the end customers.