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In Canada, Tota Colors has given an out-of-the-box approach to build their product allegiance all these years. As a result of the same, Tota colors has been leveled as one of the best holi color powder exporters in Canada. All of these years, we have been continuously innovating with our products to meet the standards that Canadians want in our product. Due to our consistency in delivering quality traits in our products like (i) Non-toxicity (ii) non-flammability (iii) skin friendliness (iv) quick wash/clean (v) eco-friendliness (vi) lung safety, we have generated a long line of valued patrons in the Canadian region. 

Why Canadians Are Crazy for Tota Colors As Their Holi Color Manufacturer in Canada?

Color Powder Blaster 

Tota has a reputation of innovating with their products time and again to build a strong product allegiance. Due to these traits, the customers of Tota who treat them as their Holi color manufacturer in Canada and supplier of premium products get various products as per events that are held in Canada. For example, if there’s a 5k & 10K event, fundraisers, gender reveal parties, or other sporting events, Tota color as a premiere Holi color powder supplier in Canada treats the people of Canada with color blasters. 

These blasters are one of its kinds and they give you the same feeling like the Star Wars Darth Vader brandishing his laser gun. You can use the color blasters to throw colors at intervals during the events. They are also tested across diverse parameters to ensure that safety and security of the users are not compromised at any point at all. 

Holi Color Powder

For painting events and festivals held in Canada, Tota colors as the manufacturer of Holi color in Canada provides a wide range of color varieties. These colors come in various specifications like  0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, 55 lbs with specific traits. You can choose hard colors as soft colors based on the requirement and the notoriety you want to get engaged in with your peers. Tota ensures that the colors are safe for use and they give you maximum satisfaction that you desire. 

Neon Holi Color 

Neon Holi Color is the most fascinating pick for the Canadian audience. Tota Colors have created specific traits in their Neon colors to paint your special events like night parties. Anyone can go wild no sooner they apply the Neon colors on their skin. These colors glow in the dark and make you look super savvy. However if you have doubts that Tota colors as using any type of dye or chemicals, such is not the case since they are tested across diverse parameters. 

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Tota colors as your Holi color exporter in Canada; here are a few things that you can take advantage of;


We are committed to innovating with our product line and allegiance to our experts who are continuously analyzing the market and providing solutions that best fit our audience. As a result of this, you get specific innovations like mini color blasters, color powder squeeze bottles, hand cannon popper, color powder gun, big color and powder cylinders that improve every quarter. Our commitment is to innovate our product line so that customers are able to get new ones every quarter and they are eager for the same. That’s why we have carved a niche in Canada as a premium Holi Color Powder manufacturer and supplier in Canada. 

Quality Products 

Our products always maintain very high end quality  to please the audience. Due to such consistency in deliverance, we have built a strong reputation in Canada. 

On Time Delivery 

Our delivery is prompt because we know that our customers are crazy for holi products and we do not intend to make them wait. 

Competitive Prices 

We maintain competitive prices to appeal to a wider audience who are eager to play with our holi colors and products.