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Bangladesh is in close proximity with India and shares very warm ties with the Indian Union, the people of Bangladesh are very excited about Indian festivals as well. Holi is one such honorable mention when it comes to celebrating Indian festivals in Bangladesh. Tota Colors, a renowned Holi Color Manufacturer in Bangladesh has been serving the people of Bangladesh for the last 20 years supplying high grade holi color powder which is skin-friendly , non-toxic, quickly washable, patented non-flammable, certified  and lung safe. 

The allegiance to Tota Colors by the Bangladesh population has been attributable to the proven track record of uncompromised quality, availability of free samples and very competitive prices. 

Why Does Bangladesh  Go Crazy for Tota Colors as Their Holi Color Exporters in Bangladesh?

  • Gender Reveal Products  

For special events like if you are expecting a child, in that case, Tota Colors has all the arrangements made for you. The gender reveal products are the best bet for the occasion. You can use them to throw special parties at any place of your choice. These colors are easy to spread and they are non-flammable, skin friendly and safe for use. Just blast them off and show to your friends and families the child gender that you are expecting. 

  • Body Paints 

In the events like sports or for campaigns, the need for body paints arises where you can show the support for the cause. However most people are apprehensive when it comes to body paints due to the skin reactions they might cause. Keeping that in mind, Tota Color is committed to providing the best body paints as a color powder supplier in  Bangladesh. So if there’s an immediate Bangladesh Vs. any team match and suppliers of body paints in Bangladesh need a reliable name to meet the demand, they can look forward to Tota Colors as a preferred choice. The colors are easy to remove and safe on the skin. 

  • Party Sprays 

In the party, the need for fun is on the top of the priority list and what best to choose when you have spray color bottles of various colors to color the party. These sprays are available in various specifications of small, medium and large non-refillable canisters. You can simply push the spray button and get started with the fun. Tota Colors maintain utmost quality and deliverables to make sure that you are satisfied and build an endearing relationship with the brand. For that reason, they are always pushing for a very high quality and optimum delivery experience in Bangladesh 

  • Color Powder 

Color powders are non replaceable participants when you want options to jibe up the party. These color powders are safe on the skin and they can be easily washed. All you need to do is just spread them on the surface that you wish to paint. Since they are safe on the skin, you can even use them to color the face. Tota Colors use eco-friendly materials so that you are always free from the tensions that it can damage the skin. As a color powder supplier in Bangladesh, Tota Colors has built a long line of reputed customers who are loyal to the brand. 

Why choose Us?

  • Innovation 

Innovation happens every time we are anticipating the market trends and coming up with an effective solution. Tota Colors has innovated with color powders and blasters over a long stretched time. As a supplier of holi colors and products, we have a reputation on which we are thriving in Bangladesh. 

  • Quality 

We make sure that quality is paramount in all our deliverables. Due to this, we are very particular about the compliances and provide the best products to our clients. 

  • Pricing 

Pricing can make or break the market. Since we are solely manufacturing and using the materials that we self create and process, we are able to keep very competitive pricing for our products. 

  • Delivery 

Delivery is always prompt when you are picking Tota colors as your Holi color exporter in Bangladesh.