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Tota Colors, a manufacturer and supplier of Holi color, has served the consumers based in Bahrain for the last 20 years towards making their fundraisers, festivals and other events successful. As a Holi color powder supplier in Bahrain, Tota Colors has built a long line of trustworthy consumers in all these years to fortify the brand. 

Top Products of Tota Colors Exported To  Bahrain 

Gender Reveal Products 

Tota Colors has been discreet when it comes to gender reveal products. They have the best stocks which comprises blasters, color guns and herbal eco-friendly non-flammable color powders that can help light up any event. The gender reveal products have high demand in other parts of the world as well where Tota Colors serves. If you are looking for a best way to organize your gender reveal party for the child that you are expecting shortly, Tota Colors is the best bet that you can take. 

Color  Powder Squeeze Bottles 

Tota Colors, as a holi color exporter in Bahrain offers color powder squeeze bottles which are very convenient when you are planning to organize an event in a super-convenient manner. These color powder squeeze bottles are suitable if you have planned for a fun event during a night party or afternoon get together. For example, if you have a planned fest which is  happening during summer time, these color powder squeeze bottles can help you play with colors with minimal water wastage. 

They are very convenient, skin-safe and easily refillable. So if you have thought of evoking an unhindered fun, in that case, these color powder squeeze bottles can help you in a big way. 

Color Powder 

Tota Colors color powder have carved a unique identity when it comes to their demand. Allegiance to their aromatic smell, safety aspects like non-flammable and quick remove features. For these key takeaways, they have found a strong demand when you are planning festivals, fundraisers and campaigns. If you are planning any event and you want the best holi color powder supplier in Bahrain, Tota Colors is the top choice that you can pick anytime. 

Color Powder Cylinders 

Tota Colors introduces another key product in its production line which is supercharged with advanced features to light up any event. For example, these color powder cylinders are filled with non-flammable color powder, which makes them suitable for use at any event. On top of this, they have other key traits like refillable which eliminates wastage of resources. However the producers of Tota Colors have strictly advised that refilling should always be done in the presence of experts. 

If you are planning to refill the color powder cylinders on your own, refrain  from doing the same since it might lead to an accident. Tota Colors have however exploited all safety measures to give the best results to their customers. 

Neon Colors

Another key product from the production line of Tota colors is the neon colors which are skin safe and they can be used during festivals and events. The neon colors are very easy to apply and quick to wash. The use of eco-friendly materials ensures that they are safe even on children. 

Why Choose Us?


We have been consistent in terms of production innovation in our production line. As a result, there has been a long line of consumer allegiance building over the year. 


We have maintained very high end quality by undergoing rigorous tests. Hence people in Bahrain take us as the best Holi color powder supplier. 

On-Time Delivery 

The delivery has always been prompt with no further delay. 


We have kept the pricing of the products highly competitive so that they appeal to every customer across the globe.