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Tota Color has carved a niche as a holi color exporter in Australia due to the supply of non-flammable holi color powder. As a renowned exporter of Holi color powder in Australia, Tota ensures that the quality of the product should be top notch to maintain a long line of customers who owe allegiance to the brand. In order to do that, Tota color is committed to providing the following features in their products as a Holi color manufacturer in Australia;

  • Non-Toxicity 

We are aware of the safety standards that the Australian Government wants to provide to its citizens. Citing this as the prerequisite to maintain the brand trust, we have acquired the certification of non-toxicity in our products through National Toxicity Center, which is the apex body in India testing the toxicity of materials. 

  • Skin Safe

As a renowned color powder supplier in Australia, we have gone through all the safety precautions required as per international standard to rate our product as skin safe. Hence, customers are rest assured that they are getting quality products. 

  • Quick Cleaning 

We completely understand that there’s less time at the disposal of our customers to wash the holi color after their fun. That said, we have used organic materials in our holi color powder which are very easy to clean. You can simply wipe the color off with water. 

  • Eco-friendly 

Tota also realizes the responsibility towards Mother Earth, as a result, we have kept our products eco-friendly causing no damage to the environment. 

  • Safe for Lungs 

Our holi color powder that we supply in Australia is safe for lungs as well. We  have made special arrangements in the production line to ensure that top products reach out to our end customers. 

Types of Product At Tota Color To Avail 

  • Holi Color Powder 

Tota takes the pride of providing an extensive range of holi color powder that are available in diverse packaging options of 0.11 lbs, 0.16 lbs, 0.22 lbs, 0.44 lbs, 2.2 lbs, , 11 lbs, 33 lbs, 55 lbs in color powder variant, color powder drum, bulk color bags and other customizations. As a reputed color powder supplier in Australia, we always come up with safe solutions by adhering to various tests that ensure our product is safe for use. 

  • Color Powder Blaster 

We understand that innovation is the key to dominate the competition. Keeping that in mind, we provide the color powder blaster which completely uplifts your festival moods when you are indulging in 5k & 10k events, fundraisers, night parties, gender reveal parties and other color events. You can use the color powder blaster to shoot color clouds on any surface or within the vicinity of the person with whom you want to have the fun. As a Holi color powder blaster supplier in Australia, we make sure that the performance of our products always satisfy our clients. To ensure that we undergo various tests for our color powder blaster to validate safety and ease of usage. 

  • Neon Holi Color 

Night parties and events are incomplete without complete wildness. To ensure that you can go completely wild and savvy at the party, we at Tota Color provide the Neon holi colors in Australia. As a supplier of Neon Holi Color in Australia, we make sure that clients get maximum satisfaction while using our product. Hence we have used special materials that dynamically glow when exposed to UV lights. In the party, you will indeed have a smooth experience while using our Neon Holi color. 

Why Choose Us? 

Choosing Tota Colors as your Holi Color Exporter in Australia would give you the following benefits; 

  • Innovation 

We are always innovating with our products to give the best experience to our users. Hence every time you buy products from Tota, there is going to be some innovation updated in every product line. In our innovative product line you can get to experience mini color blasters, color powder squeeze bottles, hand cannon popper, color powder gun, big color and powder cylinders. These are not the only exhaustive list since we are continuously innovating with the product line to give you best outcomes. 

  • Quality Products 

We are committed to always provide the best quality products to our end customers so that their trust in us never fades with time. 

  • Competitive Prices 

We always maintain a competitive edge in the market by providing very high end products at the best prices which every customer can afford. 

  • On Time Delivery 

We make sure that our exported holi color powder reaches our Australian customers on time to make sure that they enjoy their events with full fervor.